Technical support


We integrate Overvis on a turnkey basis if requested by the client. Your company will get a fully functional monitoring system with a guarantee of data security, personal support throughout the life of the system as well as staff training.

We allocate individual monitoring systems on separate servers that are not related to the publicly available platform. Servers can be located at either our or the customer’s site.

This allows:

  • Providing security of your data
  • Providing additional functionality for integration into existing workflow
  • Branding the system and publish it under your own domain name
  • Providing customer with full administrator permissions and license to resell the system to clients
  • Data aggregation of resource consumption


1. Audit and write-up of detailed technical specifications

We perform a full technical audit of the facility in order to make a list of installed equipment and to determine the complexity of system integration.

Based on audit results, we write technical specifications which include:

  • choosing appropriate equipment for the task
  • a detailed description of system goals and requirements
  • the procedure of work performance
  • a calculation of preliminary project cost

2. Equipment Selection and Submission of Commercial Proposal

With the help of the client’s technical staff, we select equipment in a suitable price range for the client and submit final offer which includes all stages of the project’s implementation.

3. Installation and Initiation the Equipment

We perform the installation of all of the equipment components ourselves or with the help of the contractor (in this case, we provide the installation supervision to guarantee quality of work).

Next steps:

  • we adjust the installed equipment and integrate it into the Overvis system
  • we perform a full cycle of testing for assembled components and check the efficiency of the whole system

4. Warranty and Post-Warranty Service

After the system is launched, we perform a short training course for the client’s technical staff on its use and administration.

We continue to monitor the accuracy of system operations, providing technical support and warranty replacement of equipment throughout the system’s lifetime.

5. Individual Development

Many companies need additional features that require extra development work. These often include:

  • Visualizations and reports for specific business processes.
  • API for integration into third-party applications used inside the company: SAP-accounting, 1C-accounting, etc.
  • Specific processing of collected data.
  • Automation of industrial processes on different levels starting from equipment up to the supervisory server.
  • Analysis tools to optimize energy consumption and other resources involved in business processes.