Implement online monitoring and data collection system for industrial equipment.

The system is built on cloud architecture and compatible with any hardware supporting data sharing.

Overvis system has been on the market for 6 years, serving hundreds
objects in Poland, Ukraine, India and Russia .

Using Overvis solutions you can::

  • Gain an additional profit from selling access to the advanced features of the monitoring system. Do not lose contact with the customer after the sale of the device.
  • Provide an extended warranty by means of collecting performance information and ahead-of-time notification of possible issues.
  • Have a competitive advantage in the market and stand out in the diverse range of similar products.
  • Provide customers with additional services, such as optimization of energy consumption, accounting or integration with SAP systems.



Our offer to manufacturers: Free installation and testing of the online monitoring system on your equipment.

    1. We will review your product range and connect your devices to the Overvis system for free.
    2. We will provide you with your own Overvis server and necessary communication modules for testing, free of charge.
    3. Take any period of time you need for full testing of the system. We will help with solving any technical issues that may arise.
    4. At this stage, without no investments, you can already offer the system to your customers for testing or even include it in your price-list as an additional service.
    5. If you decide to buy the system, we will set up the servers on your site, and they will completely belong to you. The system will be private-labelled under your company brand. We will guarantee its performance.
We profit from one-time sale of the license and from further selling of communication modules to you (at a distributor’s discount pricing).

Feel free to get advice on the possibility of improving your product and free testing!

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