Manufacturer: Novatek Electro
RS-485 interface converter (MODBUS RTU <> MODBUS TCP)
226 EUR
Price VAT exclusive. VAT rate: 23%

ET-485 is a microprocessor device designed to exchange data between Ethernet and MODBUS RTU (RS-485) networks.

The device provides functionality of MODBUS server to connect MODBUS clients via Ethernet. It transfers MODBUS-requests from the clients to the devices in the MODBUS network and returns responses from them.

  • flexible addressing over Ethernet (static or dynamic IP address)
  • MAC-address overriding
  • access protection via Ethernet (password-protected settings, configuration or MODBUS network connection IP address filter)
  • various modes of exchange via MODBUS RTU or ASCII: with parity checking — EVEN, ODD, NONE, wide range of transfer speeds, adjustable delay times