Manufacturer: Novatek-Electro
Wi-Fi access controller for industrial (MODBUS) equipment
134 EUR
Price VAT exclusive. VAT rate: 23%

EM-482 provides an effortless way to set up remote control of your industrial equipment using the free web-SCADA Overvis.

Manage remotely and gather analytics from:

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) reporting for product storage
  • HVAC systems controllers
  • Agricultural smart devices
  • Refrigeration controllers
  • Power network relays, meters and other equipment
  • Industrial IoT devices
  • Industrial sensors and meters (with the use of OB-215/OB-216)
  • Any other MODBUS-compatible electronics

Connect multiple devices situated in different physical sites under one account. Scale your monitoring solution according to your needs.

We can check if your equipment is compatible with EM-482:

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Features when used in conjunction with Overvis platform

Data collection:

  • Gather operational data points (any numeric values) from your equipment.
  • Store history of operational data, get insights and analytics.
  • Collected data is fully exportable (Excel, CSV).
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point HACCP report.

SMS and email notifications:

  • Configure alarms for operational parameters thresholds or connection errors.
  • Set up a “chain of responsibility” requiring alarm confirmations from personnel and escalating them on the absence of response.
  • All alarm actions are logged and ready for review.

Real-time monitoring and control:

  • Create dashboards with real-time information received from the equipment.
  • Visualize the data using open SVG format. Use Google Maps API to display objects’ locations.
  • Use JavaScript and Overvis API to set up quick action controls for operation personnel.

And more:

  • Use templates to quickly create devices and alarms.
  • Manage access levels for different accounts inside one organization.
  • Works with dynamic IPs and bypasses firewalls.
  • Optimized mobile access.
  • Industry-standard encryption.

Overvis API allows the automation of control and can be used to load data into other management systems.

Technical information
  • EM-482 serves as a gateway between MODBUS RTU (RS-485) and MODBUS TCP (over Wi-Fi).
  • Supports MODBUS RTU/ASCII.
  • Provides an integrated web-interface to manage settings and update the firmware.
Power supply voltage DC, V 7 – 30
TCP networks link interface Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Module ESP8266 (ESP-07)
Wi-Fi Frequency, GHz 2.4
Supported Wi-Fi standards IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Supported TCP network protocols DNS, DHCP, MODBUS, HTTP
Built-in TCP servers MODBUS, HTTP
MODBUS network link interface RS-485
Output short-circuit current of the RS-485 driver (maximum at 12V bus voltage), mA 250
Number of devices connected to RS-485 when the input current of the receivers on the line is 1 mA Not less than 32
Number of devices connected to RS-485 when the input current of the receivers on the line is 0.25 mA Not less than 128
Built-in RS-485 terminator resistance, Ω 1000
Ready time at power-up, s, no more than 2
Current consumption (at supply voltage of 12V), mA, no more than 110
The Product designation Switchgear and control equipment
Related operating condition Continuous
Climatic design version NF 3.1
Protection class rating of the product IP20
Permissible contamination level II
Electric shock protection class III
Conductor cross-section for connecting to terminals, mm2 0.3-3.0
Tightening torque of the terminal screws of input contacts, N*m 0.4
Insulation rated voltage, V 450
Rated pulse withstand voltage, kV 2.5
Weight, kg, not over 0.08
Overall dimensions, HxBxL, mm 90x65x18
The product meets the requirements of the following:
EN 60947-1; EN 60947-6-2; EN 55011; EN 61000-4-2
Installation (mounting) DIN rail 35 mm
The Product remains functional at any position in space
Case material: self-extinguishing plastic
Harmful substances in an amount exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations are absent
Warranty period: 5 years
Setup process
  1. Connect EM-482 to your equipment by RS-485 line. Please consult the operating manual for details.
  2. Set up an Internet Wi-Fi connection on EM-482. Press and hold the “R” button until the “POW” indicator starts glowing red, access Wi-Fi named “EM482”, open in your browser. Select your main Wi-Fi endpoint name from the drop-down list, fill in the password, save and restart.
  3. Access a unique link on the EM-482 label to connect your equipment to the Overvis server. You will be able to create a free account and set up your equipment using a smart wizard form.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help.