Manufacturer: Novatek Electro
Multipurpose unit for electric motor protection
204 EUR
Price VAT exclusive. VAT rate: 23%

Device is designed for the protection of asynchronous electric motors with power from 2.5 to 315 kW.

  • Device is designed for panel mounting
  • UBZ provides permanent control of main voltage parameters and current values of the phase (line) currents, as well as controls the insulation resistance values of the electric motor.
  • Network voltage control (prevents unacceptable power surges, phase loss, infringement of alternation and adhesion of phases, distortion of phase/line voltages, reduction in the network frequency below the set value and/or increase of network frequency above given).
  • Mechanical overloads control (symmetrical overload in phase/line currents).
  • Protection at the minimum starting and/or working current.
  • Control of start delay and rotor lock-up.
  • Protection against leakage current to ground.
  • Control of motor thermal overload.