Overvis Ice
Monitoring of refrigerating and freezing equipment
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Overvis Ice automation board was developed for refrigerating and freezing equipment monitoring. The solution includes automatic data collection, emergency situation notifications, analytical reports on compressor operation and temperature mode control at the facility.

The integrated monitoring system provides remote control of refrigerating equipment status, collection of readings on energy consumption and manages units via mobile devices.


Easy way to control and manage refrigerating equipment.

  • Optimize maintenance visits and reduce travel costs.
  • Create a notification system for staff and minimize emergency downtime.
  • Get required reporting information with automated data collection system.
  • Save energy by fine tuning the operational modes of central lines and individual units based on collected data analysis.
  • Instantly respond to equipment failures.
  • Perform equipment adjustments without visiting the facility.
  • Get access to complete history of temperature changes and generation of xls-reports on the important parameters of facility operation.
  • Provide customers with access to a visualization of refrigerating processes in real time.
  • 5-year warranty for cloud platform and all equipment manufactured by our company.

How to set up the control automation board:

  • connect power supply cable to the input slot and then connect the load feeding cables to the terminals of the magnetic starters
  • insert SIM-card or connect to Ethernet
  • turn the automation board on
  • connect Overvis Ice to cloud server
  • configure operation mode as needed
  • User friendly setup wizard for quick and easy integration into existing workflow.
  • Tools for reporting and analyzing collected data. Interactive charts, analytical histograms, xls-reports, consolidation of data from distributed sites into one graph or report.
  • Emergency SMS and email notification and/or voice dialing with automated notice of control delivery. The system iterates all staff phone numbers and in the case of no reaction, automatically transfers the call to the phone number(s) with the next higher level of responsibility on the list.
  • Control logic is stored locally without dependence on a connection to the server.
  • Customized equipment set for specific facilities. The modular solution architecture means that you can optimize the cost to the task.
  • Automates refrigerating equipment and reduces energy costs
  • Accurately collects data for reliable analysis of energy consumption to make it more efficient
  • Fine-tunes lighting operation modes to maximize energy savings
  • Eliminates the risk of food spoilage
  • Automation board. Any of the following modifications can be provided on customer’s request: plastic, metal, internal, external, sealed, unsealed.
  • Remote access controller Novatek-Electro EM-486 for manual control and supervisory monitoring. It was developed to connect third-party devices and to transmit information to the Overvis remote data collection server. Works over the Internet via any available communication channel (Ethernet — WiFi — 2G — 3G).
  • Charge controller UPS-12-5 and 12V 1Ah battery.
  • Automatic switch – on customer’s request. Can be presented by any desired manufacturer.
  • Adapters TTL/RS-485 (optional) to connect the refrigerating controllers to the remote access controller.
  • Compressor protection block Novatek-Electro UBZ-302/304/305 — on customer’s request.
  • I/O Modules Novatek-Electro OB-215 (optional) — for getting more detailed information from external sensors.