Rajshahi WASA
Contract with the city council of Rajshahi, Bangladesh for integrated monitoring of water supply system

The municipality of the city of Rajshahi, Bangladesh was assigned to accomplish the following tasks:

  • reduce the number of personnel involved in pump station operations without reducing the quality of work performed
  • automate multiple pump station processes
  • provide remote control of objects scattered across a vast territory
  • protect the control system and data transfer from possible cyber-attacks

To implement this project, the standalone Overvis server was installed and configured independently of any shared infrastructure.

Each pumping facility in the city was additionally equipped with the EM-486 and UBZ-305 to provide communication with the Overvis server. In order to control the water level in wells and remotely prioritize pump operations, a custom algorithm was developed based on EM-486 functionality.

After that, each object was connected and configured remotely without any need for physical access. We have developed a custom interface and set of visualizations to represent the work of the objects referenced at their geolocation. For a number of tracked parameters, notifications have been added in case they exceed their limits. Also, data collection from water meters was arranged for additional reporting on consumption.

Access was granted to the customer’s staff for the stations’ remote control.