“RAIT” Retail Chain
Control and reporting of energy consumption of the shopping center
“RAIT” is a grocery supermarket and is also one of the largest in the retail industry. Their chief power engineer was assigned to accomplish the following tasks:

  • provide monthly reports on energy consumption in a format required by regulatory authorities
  • perform scheduled analysis on facility energy costs and reduce consumption to a fixed limit

Implementation of this project was split into two phases:

  1. Establish a system to meter distributed energy consumption using NOVATEK-Electro OM-310.
  2. Perform a comprehensive audit of the facility using the Overvis system.

System implementation results:

  • Main sources of irrational energy consumption identified.
  • Development of a comprehensive energy saving program to assist in cost planning based on the received reports.
  • Automation of sent reports into a required format to supervisory authorities.