Manufacturer: Novatek Electro
Digital single channel I/O module
50 EUR
Price VAT exclusive. VAT rate: 23%

I/O Module OB-215 was designed to collect information from various sensors and transmit this data via MODBUS protocol.

Additionally OB-215 provides threshold load control. The device integrates perfectly with the EM series of controllers.


OB-215 supports the following types of sensors:

  • sensors with voltage output (0 – 10V)
  • sensors with DC output (0 – 20mA)
  • temperature sensors of various types
  • water, gas, electricity counters can be connected via pulse input
  • all kinds of Arduino sensors
  • “dry contact” sensors with open collectors
  • 1-Wire, I2C sensors

OB-215 is able to operate as:

  • a temperature controller for cooling and heating units
  • a “pulse relay” with adjustable pulse frequency
  • a protocol converter for refrigerating controllers – UART (TTL) into MODBUS (RS-485)
  • an equipment control unit with relay output with a breaking capacity up to 5A

Also the device can monitor the status (closed / open) of security sensors, alarm systems, auxiliary contacts of circuit breakers, machine operations.


OB-215 can perform such logical operations as:

  • load management according to the thresholds provided
  • pulse counter
RS-485 interface provides the device's interaction with other PLC (programmable logic controller) based on free logic for the MODBUS Protocol.
User-friendly setup wizard via the Overvis cloud platform will be available when using this device with PLC EM-481/486 from NOVATEK-Electro.