Manufacturer: Novatek Electro
Web-access controllers for MODBUS-equipment management
369 EUR
Price VAT exclusive. VAT rate: 23%

Controller EM-481 was designed to connect any equipment that supports MODBUS protocol and cloud monitoring systems

Controller is delivered with a free cloud-storage space provided by the Overvis platform ( Therefore, EM-481 is an almost “out of the box” product for the remote monitoring and control of industrial equipment.


SMS-management and email notifications:

  • allows flexible configuration of SMS and email notifications via a web interface
  • responds to the SMS commands: relay turn on/off, parameter values request
  • logs messages for a complete history of event triggering
  • sends SMS directly from the device without dependence on Internet connection

Collection of data history:

  • continuous reading of parameters from devices connected via RS-485 MODBUS RTU/ASCII
  • cloud storage with no limitations on number of readings (with guaranteed storage of info for 1 month)
  • data represented as a table and graph for any given period of time
  • comparing of graphs or value lists for several parameters
  • collected data exportable into Excel or CSV file

Realtime telemetry and control:

  • realtime parameter values output of connected devices
  • recording values into device MODBUS registers (for remote configuration/programming)
  • widgets with the values of key parameters and alarms on a dashboard
  • customized panels with configurable parameters for real-time visualization of the processes, parameters output and controls

Easy to connect:

  • access from anywhere with no need for additional configuration
  • built-in system to bypass firewalls
  • works with dynamic IP addresses without any need for external static IP
  • Internet access via GSM (SIM card is inserted into the device)
  • interface designed with the requirements of mobile devices in mind
  • connects to working MODBUS networks without affecting the existing external management system or SCADA

A key advantage of EM-481 is how it can easily combine a range of facilities into a single configurable system. This enables the administrator to consolidate data into a single report.


Control logic is stored locally

  • programming of action logic uses a simple language executable on the EM-481 itself
  • setpoints of connected devices can be adjusted according to values read from other devices
  • SMS are sent directly from the device without dependance on an Internet connection