Industrial refrigeration dispatching board

Unite refrigeration equipment on many sites into single web-dispatching to:

  • Receive SMS and email trouble notifications;
  • Perform configuration without site visit;
  • Receive personally detailed temperature, settings and other operation parameters change history;
  • Ensure Client’s online access to the refrigeration process state visualization.
For the service providers — become irreplaceable for your customers

Overvis Ice - is a new type of service for your customers: immediate response to any faults of the refrigeration equipment. In case of site emergency, Overvis Ice automatically notifies your personnel, shows details in the dispatching, and in some cases, even helps to solve the problem remotely.

You make your customers fully free from any troubles relating to the refrigeration equipment, in exchange for the guarantee they will not apply to other companies.

Since Overvis Ice operates through Internet, any number of provide remote restart possibility.

For the present moment that is the best available solution.

Site board price
€450/ 33300 RUB / 11700 UAH
Dispatching “In cloud”

Overvis Ice operates through Overvis splatform. Equipment, connected to the board, collects information and sends it to the Internet server. Data is stored and processed on the server directly.

Connection process is as follows:

Maximum 247 Modbus devices on one site can be connected to one board.


When the board is switched on, it connects with Overvis Internet service through GPRS/3G (prepaid SIM-card is included)


You enter special link, provided on the board label and choose connected Modbus devices from the list. Current data is already displayed on the site, the first object is configured.


For the second board, on the next object, you have to enter existing account and they are blended into unified dispatching.

Overvis Ice operates with refrigeration equipmet of any copany

The devices are connected to the board by RS485 bus. For TT<->LRS-485 adapters are provided in Overvis Ice set for the devices without OvervisIce kit for the devices without RS-485 output. You can buy additional adapters from us or other equipment manufacturers.

Additional features
Except Modbus devices, the following can be connected to the Overvis Ice board:
  • 8 digital sensor, for example, reed relays for the refrigerators.
  • 8 relays, for example, for refrigeration controllers supply to provide remote restart possibility.
  • 4 analog sensor - temperature, pressure, humidity.
Where can I buy Overvis ICE?

Overvis Ice is distributed through our partners in different countries. The full list of dealers is provided in the “How to buy?” section.

If our dealer is not present in your region or if you want us to choose the best delivery details, please, contact us by phone:

Or send your letter to


- board with the connection controller and I/O module;
- 2 TTL <-> RS-485 adapters;
- external antenna;
- 2 temperature sensors;
- prepaid SIM-card.
The cost also covers €50 prepaying for the Overvis cloud platform access. This should be enough for 3 years of use, provided that:
- maximum 10 devices are connected to one board;
- maximum 50 parameters are monitored, scanning frequency is one per minute;
- data history is stored for 6 months.
Use platform pricelist and price calculator for your estimated costs detailed calculation.

Cloud architecture helps us to provide reliable service at the reasonable price. Clients do not have to bear costs for infrastructure support and to pay salary to the system administrators. We provide:
- regular data backup on the separate servers;
- load automatic balancing between the servers for better fail protection;
- minimal downtime if technical operations are required.

Connection between the board and Overvis server is password protected for reading and recording. The passwords are different for the each Overvis Ice board. Data is stored on AES-256 algorithm coded filesystem. Backup copies are coded and stored on the external servers. The connection between the user’s browser and Overvis server is HTTPS protocol protected.

Hardware solution part warranty is 3 years (does not cover mechanical damages). Within the warranty period we are ready both to replace the equipment and to pay back the whole solution overall cost. If you have any problems, please, contact us by phone +38 (048) 788-89-37.

Free technical support is available via email or by phone number: (response within 48 hours)
+38 (048) 788-89-37 (from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ukraine time)
+7 (812) 748-51-76 (from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Moscow time)
Moreover, Overvis Ice solution covers other Overvis technical support proposals.

Please, contact us by any contact phone number or send your letter to

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