Manufacturer: Novatek Electro
Multichannel recorder of high-frequency processes
466 EUR
Price VAT exclusive. VAT rate: 23%

RPM-416 is a microprocessor-based device designed to measure electric network parameter values as well as display and store these values.

Data is stored on a memory card (SD / MMC) and can be analyzed using RPM-416 Data Analysis software.

  • Multi-channeling – only one recorder is needed to get all complete data on monitored facility operations.
  • Flexibility – recorder provides functionality to connect additional modules to expand the range of input signals (voltage, current, temperature, discrete inputs, etc.).
  • Galvanic separation unit – input signals of high voltage and current are galvanically separated from other inputs which ensures easy setup of the controller.
  • High reliability – self-control system and data saving algorithm prevent data loss in the case of emergency situations (e.g. power outages).
  • Easy setup – four-line character backlight display can be used to configure the recorder and to monitor its operation (recorded values of input signals are shown on the display). Keyboard allows the administrator to configure and manage the recorder.
  • Remote monitoring and configuration – recorder installed in a difficult to access place but connected to Ethernet allows data transferring on a PC along with recording on a memory card.

Below are the parameters that can be recorded on a memory card:

  • phase voltage
  • line voltage
  • current (phase A, B, C)
  • differential current
  • power (phase A, B, C)

The device has 15 control channels:

  • 4 digital inputs
  • discrete breaker which is often used to monitor the status of switchers, starters, circuit breakers
  • analogue input 0-10 V – to connect sensors (pressure)
  • analog input 0-20 mA – to connect sensors (level)
  • 2 inputs for temperature sensors
  • 3 current terminals
  • 3 voltage terminals

Also, due to the high discreteness of the record (period of parameters record starts from 0.001s), RPM-416 allows detailed analysis of emergency situations.